Live slow to enjoy the picturesque villages in Vietnam

A village with the nostalgic beauty and serenity of the northern countryside with the images of banyan trees and pavilion or a village looking like a fairy land always make those who visited once impress. A coastal fishing village is put on the sleeve of the different stories with vivid colors. And other villages are picturesque with numerous colors in Vietnam. Especially, with experienced travel consultant, Ultimate Hanoi Adventures is the Hanoi local tour operator that offers a lot of different tours with interesting activities to discover the unique beauty of these villages so tourists can fully enjoy the trip.

Po Mu Village

Son La not only welcomes visitors with majestic mountains and endless flower fields, but also the village with thousands of houses made of 100% Po Mu wood and a history of over 100 years old. In such the village of the highland in Son La, life still flourishes and shines amongst fog covered year round. Fresh air along with the moss covered houses becomes a magical place with many wonderful things in front of the tourists’ eyes.


                                                                      Fairy land in the mountainous area
The unique feature is the house made by Po Mu wood built in line and just separated by the fence, which has been existing for year from generation to another. The life of the ethnic minority people is very quiet like their characteristics. A fairy land in the normal life would not be too much to say about this village. In addition, coming to this place in the weekend evenings, people easily fall in love with graceful dances of the girls of the highland. From Hanoi, travelers don’t worry about what to do, where to eat or which transport is the most convenient, at our booking office located Hanoi Old Quarter, our tour agency will bring you once-in-a-lifetime wonderful experiences with a package service. We always accompany with you in all trips.


Beauty of the dance of ethnic minority

Mui Ne fishing village

With those who give their hearts to the sea, the living life and landscape of fishing village will be the most lively and beautiful in their eyes. If you visit the coastal city of Phan Thiet, you should go to Mui Ne fishing village to feel the beautiful idyllic image of a coastal fishing village. There are no houses close together, no lush greenery plants because there is only fishing scene, busy trading amongst the sea breezes carrying the salty taste of the sea. However, it is enough to make people infatuate. The fishing village is busiest in the morning. When the sun was not out of the sea, the place is bustling with laughter, the sounds of bargaining from the sellers and buyers. Although it is very busy and noisy, visitors can feel peaceful strangely.


 Painting of fishermen’s daily life

Going to Mui Ne fishing village, you not only feel the living picture as behind it, it is the story of fisherman subsistence, of those who “make friends with” the sea all year round and depend on the nature. Large and small boats anchoring close to shore as well as the big round baskets with full colors (red, yellow, blue…) lying quietly on the seashore at sunset create an incredibly peaceful scene. Visitors seem to put all the worries aside to emerge themselves in such the beautiful space and then, suddenly feel like that they are missing a beat.

Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan is a small village located at the foot of Lang Biang Mountain. Once arriving at the village, many people are skeptical to ask themselves if they are lost in the wonder land like the little girl Alice falling away into dreamland. You will enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the villages with the houses built in highland style are loomed in colorful flowers. How romantic the village is! Cu Lan Village captivates so many tourists’ minds about a small village surrounded by green pines, like the fairy land in the world.

Watch what to do a one day in Gyeonggi

Idyllic lives of the local people


Visiting Cu Lan Village is to feel the peaceful and simple beauty. This land always welcomes the tourists with the wonderful things so that they have one more reason to miss it. One more thing for you to consider is that is an ideal place for taking pictures.

The beautiful idyllic village impresses so many visitors and backpackers. No need to go far, Vietnam never lacks the beautiful scenes like the fairly land. It is so worthy for you to travel to these villages and feel its charming beauty. If you want a tour, contact with us, a trustful Hanoi tour operator for you to choose.