Danakil Depression- the hottest place on Earth

With temperatures may over 50 degrees Celsius, Danakil Basin is considered one of the hottest and harshest places on the planet and called “the gateway to Hell”

“The temperature in the shade is 43 degrees C, but Dawit, the young Ethipian guide said that we were lucky at that time because someday the temperature could reach 50 degrees Celsius at the Danakil Depression,” remembered Dave Stamboulis in hot days in the Danakil Depression, a remote destination located in the northeastern corner of Ethiopia near the border with Eritrea


Danakil depression located among the desert of the same name. This is recorded as the hottest inhabited place in the world with an average annual temperature of 34.4 Celsius

“The temperature is too high here, day by day locals always have to work in extremely harsh conditions, it always has the risk of death anytime. Death never seems to fall asleep in this land so”, a tourist said

This vast desert basin lies 100 meters below sea level containing lots of salt and mineral deposits therefore this depression can create locals’ income. The daily work of Afar tribe is to use axes to take salt under the fierce heat. Everyday they use camels to carry salt through the desert.


The Afar guy Mohammed who proudly show off his achievement as he is able to take 150 salt blocks per day while other guys only reach 120 other ones

Mohammed said he chose another job easier rather than salt exploitation. It is to use camels for transporting from salt deposit sites to a road which accommodates motorized vehicles. His caravans including 15-20 people carry salt from the deposit sites to a small village in Berahile for 3 days stretch out for miles. Each trip, the entire caravan earn 3.320 birr. However, mostly income belongs to the owner of the camels, and the rest of caravans like Mohammed, they earn very a little money because they are just employee.

Due to low income, Mohammed also does more work, such as carrying supplies for tourists – who want to stay overnight on the top of Erta Ale to take pictures. With shining eyes, the young girl who he is dating gives him an inspiration to work hard.

His girlfriend is considered a form of beauty in Danakil because she has the filing and sharpening her teeth. Her family also gets involved in the salt trade.


Previously, people used to use camels to carry salt to Mekele. Since then, the salt is gathered and distributed the rest of places in Ethiopia and Horn region in Africa (a peninsula of eastern Africa). But today, people just need carrying salt to Berahile, then trucks will deliver some places

Today, the government is building more roads to reach the Danakil more convenient. Although this place has the distinction of being a hottest place on the planet, It owns the unique and amazing landscapes with the Lake Assal, salt lake along with 2 active volcanoes